Getting replies from emails

CloudMailin will attempt to extract the plain text reply from an email whenever the email is a reply to another email. There are several factors to be considered here.

Firstly CloudMailin uses a Magic Marker and takes all content above this content. CloudMailin will look for ### Reply Above This Line ### and only take the content above this. CloudMailin will also look for indented content using the > character at the start of the line.

In addition to this we'll also try and remove the header line from the reply, things like on 1st Jan, You wrote:.

For example the following email:

Hey this looks great!

On 1st Jan, Alex wrote:
> ### Reply Above This Line ###
> Hey this is an email that I sent to you
> Alex.

Will result in the following:

Hey this looks great!

Within most of the message formats the reply will be contained within the reply_plain paramter. For more details see HTTP Post Formats.

As with most things email related, things might not be perfect. If you spot something that hasn't been parsed correctly or a reply that contains more or less than you expected please contact us and let us know!